-Trio’s 3 feet is integrated into its main frame. This will not only provide a great stability, but there are no loose parts during set-up.


-Allows single sided or double sided display.


-Apart from its standard width range of 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 1000mm, we also welcome any customized widths.


-Trio comes with our snap profiles, which enables user to change graphic quickly and easily. This snap profile is also compatible with a wide variety of media.

  • Expanded
  • Side
  • Allows Double-sided display
  • Integrated feet
  • All Size graphics
  • Carrying Bag

 Standard package Trio package w/3-parted pole & carying bag with cardboard tube
 Code 12050 12060  12070  12080  12100
 Material     Aluminium 
 Colour Silver
 Visual size 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm 1000mm
 Weight 2.45kg 2.5kg 2.55kg 2.6kg 2.9 kg
 Packaging    Black carrying bag w/cardboard tube