Balance of Design & Functionality – Infinity’s sleek and modern design, with a fully loaded latest feature and function, has successfully become everyone’s all-time favorite. By popular demand, a grand size of 1500mm W x 3000mm H is available only for Infinity.


Patented “Click-The-Button” Feature – By simply pushing buttons on both sides, Infinity can be opened and changing graphic could not be any easier.


Integrated Tension Adjustment Device – Losing tension will no longer be a problem with Infinity. Tension can be easily restored by turning this device on the side-cap.


Built-in Locking Device – Absolutely no pins needs while switching graphics, only a push and turn can lock the roller into place.


Dual-Purpose Roller – In a single roller, it has contained both Snap and Adhesive Strip devices.


Stability & Adaptability – Infinity’s metal case has given it an outstanding sturdiness and with adjustable feet, it will remain extremely stable even on a rough surface.


Optional Multi-units Packaging – Besides the deluxe carrying case with single unit, we also offer a Wheeled Case for Multi Units.

  • Base

  • Expanded

  • Open Cassette

  • Side

  • Padded Carry Bag

 Standard package     Infinity package w/snap profile, 3-parted pole & carrying case   
 Code 11085 11100 11120 11150
 Material     Aluminium 
 Colour      Silver-chrome 
 Visual size 850mmWx2150mmH 1000mmWx2150mmH 1200mmWx2150mmH 1500mmWx2150mmH
 Weight 6.3kg 7.3kg 8.7kg 11.2kg
 Packaging     Black deluxe carrying case