Compact, Light & Convenient – Axis is designed to be a highly effective tool in a cost effective manner. With Axis, you can initiate your marketing campaign at an affordable price level.


Electroplated Feet – With two electroplated feet, Axis will remain stable and provide a touch of elegance.


Available in Various Sizes – A wide range of sizes means you can have a better flexibility when you are designing your presentation.


  • Base

  • Expanded

  • Side

  • Padded Carry Bag

 Standard package   Axis package w/3-parted pole & carrying case
 Code 6060  6085  6100  6120
 Material     Aluminium 
 Colour    Silver
 Visual size  600mmWx1600mmH 850mmWx2000mmH 1000mmWx2000mmH 1200mmWx2000mmH
 Weight 2.9kg 3.2kg 3.5kg 4.5kg
 Packaging Black padded carrying bag