Practical and Stylish Design – SCROLL MC is an updated and improved version of our SCROLL. The new stream lined design and polished metal end-caps have satisfied the market’s demand in style and quality.


Polished Metal End-Caps – These metal end-caps not only improves the durability of SCROLL MC, but they also provides a much higher perceived value to your audiences.


Banner Wall – With the extra slim but sturdy metal end-caps, a banner wall with minimum gap can be formed while using several units of SCROLL MC. This could be the answer to achieve a over-whelming presentation in a cost effective manner.

  • Base

  • Expanded

  • Side

  • Padded Carry Bag

 Standard package Scroll MC package w/3-parted pole & carrying bag
 Code 2085MC 2100MC
 Material     Aluminium 
 Colour      Silver
 Visual size 850mmWx2150mmH 1000mmWx2150mmH
 Weight 4.5kg 5.2kg
 Packaging Black padded carrying bag

 Options Adjustable Pole,Clamp   Adjustable Pole,Twist
Option of using adjustable Pole, add A after the code no.